AVAILABLE AS FULL, EXTENDED OR HALF-DAYWorkshopsCrash courses in media that help get you up-to-speed in the rapid age of digital.

Digital media, specifically social media, can make or break a career, ignite an organization or send it up in flames. Whether we are talking about social media, crisis communications, news, or public relations, it’s critical to learn how to take command of this powerful tool and use it to your benefit.

Find the social media training you need to succeed, whether you are a digital native or digital immigrant. (Not sure which one you are? Find out here!)

Social Media Training for Executives

Get the essential skills you need as an executive to confidently conduct business a digital era and speak “fluently” with clients and employees across the digital divide. Topics include:

  • VIEW FROM THE TOP: What you really need to know about each major social platform.
  • DECODING THE MILLENNIAL: How to talk to digital natives without sounding old. [bridging the gap]
  • AVOIDING THE DIGITAL DEATH SPIRAL®: Online reputation management and how to Tweet your way out of a crisis.

Crisis Management for Executives in the Age of Social

As Uber learned the hard way, there’s no such thing as a closed-door meeting. Everything you say can — and probably will—be broadcast to the rest of the world. And everywhere you turn (or click) executives are being eaten alive by the social feed. So how do you protect your brand, your board and your CEO from a swift fall? It’s not just up to your communications director anymore. Learn how to safely buttress your brand on social media, then use it properly to mitigate the damage. Topics include:

  • REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: Understand the positive and negative effects of brand-focused online activism through ripped-from-the-headlines examples.
  • THE SWIFTNESS OF THE FALL: Avoid social outrage before it erupts—and disrupts—your board and brand.
  • FUNDAMENTALS OF ONLINE MESSAGING: From preparation to authenticity, develop the skills to tweet your way out of a crisis from the top down.

Social Skills for Cooperatives: Meeting the Members in the Age of Digital

Gone are the days of only serving the co-op members face-to-face. Today’s member services employee must not only communicate across many generations but do so through the use of many different types of technology. This workshop will provide member service employees with the critical communication skills they need to meet and exceed their members’ expectations in the age of iPhones and Facebook.  Topics include:

  • LEARN practical techniques for handling personal encounters with co-op members, both in person and online through social media.
  • PICK the words that communicate confidence while avoiding the words and phrases that suggest insecurity.
  • UNDERSTAND the importance of differentiating the online critic from an online troll.
  • RECOGNIZE AND CONTROL what is being communicated through body language.
  • HOW to manage the member who wants to film their encounters at the co-op. Should you allow it and why or why not.
  • KNOW when private information becomes public. How to contain the chatter while serving the members.