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Molly wants to tell you something you haven’t heard before, or communicated in an entirely different way. If someone is going to invest their time to hear her, she wants to make sure they walk away with something that benefits their professional and personal lives. Some of Molly’s presentation topics include:

#Trending Now: How to Stay Ahead of a Crisis

While a single complaint may not qualify as a crisis, it can quickly escalate if your business is being discussed negatively on social media. All it takes is one tweet or viral video to cause one business or entire category’s reputation to spiral out of control.

Crisis Management & Media Training for Executives in the Age of Social

As Uber learned the hard way, there’s no such thing as a closed-door meeting. Everything you say can — and probably will—be broadcast to the rest of the world. And everywhere you turn (or click) executives are being eaten alive by the social feed. So how do you protect your brand, your board and your CEO from a swift fall? It’s not just up to your communications director anymore. Learn how to safely buttress your brand on social media, then use it properly to mitigate the damage

The Evolution of the Media: How to Become a Next-Gen Communicator

Mass media is as powerful today as it was a century ago. With rapid social change and technological innovation, communicators have more power than ever to distribute information, enable direct access to anyone in the company, and provide real-time, meaningful content to audiences at their fingertips. Communicators who manage the shift, shine. But those whose fall behind it are more likely to put their organizations – and themselves – at risk.

This 60-minute presentation offers a timeline highlighting successful communication strategies that hold the test of time, as well as the present-day tactics communicators need to succeed. Whether you need to build your communications skillset or only refine it, this talk offers valuable skills for all 21st-century communicators.

What if Alexander Hamilton was on Facebook?

Getting “Revolutionary”: Digital PR Lessons from this Famous Founding Father

Founder of the nation’s financial system, Alexander Hamilton is enjoying a well-deserved popular resurgence thanks to the hit Broadway show in his name. But what made Alexander Hamilton quite so influential?

Avoiding the Digital Death Spiral: How to Prevent the Social Media Unknown Unknowns from Sinking your Organization.

In a crisis, seconds count. There’s no time for missteps, miscommunication, or mistweets. With the advent of social media, the traditional crisis responses of the past are now mostly obsolete. A timely and well-crafted response is critical in today’s fast and viral digital environment. But what happens if the crisis was caused by a customer, member, or even an employee?

“Molly was definitely one of our most popular speakers this year. She was not only entertaining and inspiring but also thought-provoking. She really kept the audience engaged.”

Noelle Grattan
Creative Director, Five Line Creative
Organizer, Creative Mornings, Portsmouth, NH Chapter